March Classes Posted

Check out the Website updates today – March classes have been posted.  We added a Dessert Class – March Date Night has a Surprise Dessert @Alisliving & @WitnessingNatur & @WitnessingNature cannot wait for you to see the tables and chairs we have for the porch for some private time after cooking class with your date…

Treats Ready for the Cafe

Today we are delivering some new treats to the Modify Cafe – Stop by and See Eric and his Awesome Cafe (and some of our treats too)!!!!  All Organic & Gluten Free Dark Chocolate, Blueberry and Raspberry Macarons Lemon Cake Lemon, Chia Muffins Vegan Chocolate Truffles Awesome Day!  #glutenfree #modifyaz #WitnessingNatureInFood #foodporn #foodies #yoga #modifycafe

Awesome Exfoliating Hand Scrub

Ever feel like you have to run to find lotion when you wash your hands, do dishes, clean?  This Natural Ingredient Scrub – Will Save Time, Money and Most Importantly YOUR HANDS!!!  Coconut Oil is Perfect for so many things!!!! Check out the Printable Card on Pinterest – Witnessing Nature – Recipe Cards #WitnessingNatureInFood #handscrub…

New Dinner Menu/Recipes

Great dinner with new tortilla soup recipe and shrimp tacos with lettuce wraps. Totally healthy at @alisliving cooking classes #foodie #foodporn #cookingschool #WitnessingNatureInFood