New Web Launch Happening Today

We have been working on this for a couple months – How to take my self developed web and make it more user friendly.  GoDaddy worked tirelessly to help capture my vision and take what I gave them and make it into a New Site to enhance the Customer Experience!  In parallel My Awesome Brand Developer Jill at Page and Parcel worked on helping create Sub Brands for my Food and Photo Projects.  See a glimpse of what will be released today.  Much thanks to Jill and GoDaddy for all of the Support and helping take what was in my brain and making it Visual!  I owe you guys!  THANKS  THANKS THANKS!!!

#WitnessingNatureInEverything #WitnessingNatureInFood #WitnessingNatureInPhotos #Beautycounter #Organic #CookingClasses #LandscapePhotos #EnvironmentalConsciousness #PageNParcel #ElenSparksAgency

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