It’s the Holiday Season

Here at Witnessing Nature we are thrilled for the Holidays – We are so busy – booked almost every day until the 19th then have full day of Video Recording the 20th and maybe the 21st as well. I personally take time for my family the 22-27 as my youngest son Matt has a birthday the 24th (my Christmas Gift 29 years ago) and hang out with the family to truly catch up and enjoy the time together. Then back to work the 28th of December until the 6th of January.

I love participating and catering these parties and seeing everyone be appreciative, caring and festive in communion with their family and friends. It is truly awesome to see so much love and caring in the world and throughout these events!

I don’t know about you but for me – I love love love good food – so I have a tendency while being very busy to do one of two things….. Yes you know it – I taste food all day so many times I’m not hungry at all – not good for my metabolisms especially being over 50. Then the opposite happens we tend to overeat with all of the extra food around through gifts from customers, food laying around, and in full development of our 2017 recipes – also very bad for my waist line even if my nose, mouth and stomach are happy.

I’ve spent some time providing suggestions for us to eat during the past week and posting on social media, hoping that during this holiday season that 5ish times a week we are eating healthy and getting out to exercise so that when we start off Jan 1 with “A New Year – A New You” we have less to worry about with joining gyms, massive diets and extreme exercise. So I’m working for the remainder of the year to inspire Vegetable Dishes and Snacks so that we can be inspired to staying on track while still able to enjoy the Holiday Season with our Family and Friends Indulging balanced with Self Care to be able to fit into our LBD or Sexy Whatever on New Years Eve!!! (LBD = little black dress for those that don’t know)

Thanks Everyone of our Customers and Social Media Fans for all of your Constant Support! I am so excited to bring to you our new Videos, Food Boxes and Classes for 2017. 2017 is going to be a Great Year! Also thanks to our Team, Abigail, Amy, Elisa, Jamie, Nicole, and Tim for keeping us always move forward and providing continuous constructive feedback to make us all stronger!

Happy Holidays!
Stay Safe & Enjoy!

Chef Jen

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