The Future is Upon Us – Tomorrow

In a few hours it will be 2017 for us in the Mountain Standard Time Zone. My friends in Australia, China, and India have already celebrated and soon my family and friends in Europe will finish their celebration and head home while we all head out to celebrate with family and friends for the close of 2016. I’m helping a friend prepare food and I’m going to drive the food up to her house in a couple hours to return change and take a Taxi or Uber (which is available first) to travel with some other friends to visit 3 places tonight and Uber back tonight.

It’s the end of the year – the last Hurrah for 2016 and a time of reflection for me. Every year for Christmas I travel to California to visit my son and his family (my daughter in law and my fur grand babies). The drive each way is between 4.5 and 5.5 hours depending on traffic and road conditions. Generally I listen to extremely loud music (not head banging music but generally French or Celtic music turned up really loud (well sometimes head banging too but not this time) and reflect on the Good, Bad and Ugly of the year. While it is very easy to focus on the bad and ugly for the year BUT I find it more important to realize that the bad and ugly are learning events to take into the next year while the Good is Awesome Accomplishments that too many times we allow the Bad and Ugly to Overshadow that Good and Great. I won’t do that – I will not allow the bad self talk to over take the things I accomplished this year. Yes it is true – I didn’t make a Million Dollars nor did I even make 100K this year and I did spend some of my savings but I am not worried – 2017 is going to be GREAT!!!

Because – I did get a small Personal Chef, Catering, Meal Plan business off to make a little money in November and December (already spent). We Sponsored and attended 17 events including having our first festival booth in November and 2 in December. We released our new branding, made tons of new contacts, did over 60 catering jobs in the 2nd 1/2 of the year. We did a TedX talk, Partnered with a few people where our core company goals align so we can make each other stronger, I was on TV 2 times, Released 34 Youtube Videos, have almost 2K followers on Facebook, 100 Twitter Followers and over 460 Instagram followers. We published over 350 posts on Instagram and learned a ton about how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google Algorithms work to maximize the most views (no expert – just basic novice). We shot 7 professional videos on cooking classes which most will be released in 2017. Did the soft launch of our Meal Plans and Food Boxes. Did you also know we now have an Apple and Android App (Chef Jen or Witnessing Nature In Food (search)). Have Abigail, Amy, Elisa, Kevin, Jamie, Nicole, Tim and so many friends that joined in to help when we needed. Most of all of this was accomplished after the middle of the year.It has been so much fun and honestly learning many things along the way. Between my friends and my business coaches – I am available to get guidance quickly when needed – sometimes I don’t know how to ask but they seem to know this and they check in to make sure I have what I need. As I reflect – WOW – what a year and all of those things overshadow all of the things I learned from. I cannot even express all of my Gratitude to Denise, Dorie, Lynn, Kimberly and my coaches Carey, Robyn, Tish, Phylecia and Sandra for all of their guidance and support. Our Customers have all been awesome with all of the testimonials and business. The support for our business has just been fantastic. I am the Luckiest Girl Alive to have such a Wonderful Support System that believes in and supports what I do and believe in.

Things I reflect on to learn for next year – Focus on what it important instead of all of the little things, Offload the little things to my team, spend time working not he big picture every day, work on returning calls, emails and quotes within 24 hours and make small changes every day that at the end of 2017 will be big changes for our year. 2017 is the year of Focus and Growth of our network and customers. We make Awesome Organic Food and plan to show everyone through expansion of our Personal Chef and Catering Services while officially rolling out the Meal Plan and Prepared Food Boxes, cooking classes and continue to grow our App Users. Grow deeper relationships with our existing partners and customers. Continue to grow our business and to learn and adjust as we go along. Running a small business or being an Entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart or for someone that is not self motivated but if you have what it takes – It is one of the most Life Changing Experiences you can ever have – much like having a new baby where you don’t have any sleep but tons to do and lots of people there to help along the way.

Why do I write all of this to you all? Because I see so many people reflect that 2016 needs to go away because of the election or the terrorist activity etc etc… Well – I experienced all of that too but I reflect on the things I can change and chose to participate in. While I”m not happy with the Election – I did Vote and while it didn’t turn out the way I wished – it is what it is – I am involved in my local government and my opinion is told to the local and state guys that can make a difference. I feel that it is my obligation to align with the people’s decision and move forward – it is what it is. I can change what I am doing and only that. I am a Chef that focuses on organic food while being Environmentally Conscious and living a cleaner life.

While I cannot control everything in my life – I can control what I put In and On my body.

It’s what’s in the Food that Matters. Eat Organic!

This is my vision, mission and future! Join us for the ride – it will be an adventure!!!

I wish all of my family, friends, customers and of course Abigail, Amy, Elisa, Jamie, Kevin, Nicole and Tim all of the Love, Prosperity, and Happiness they wish for 2017!


Chef Jennifer

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