February the Month of Love and Food

Humans – Connections – Friendship – Love

Happy February 2017. Wow can you believe it is 2017. This year I turned 51 and I cannot believe even by looking at myself in the mirror that the girl I still believe myself to be is starting to look older. Oh well – my motto is – any day north of the dirt is a blessed day.

I’ve always been a very private person and since starting my business I’ve really learned through my coaches that transparency and vulnerability builds stronger relationships. I didn’t believe it at first but I am quickly learning that my videos built on facts are not as popular as my videos built on my passion for my craft. Part of this is the Facts and Data Engineer and some of it is growing up in the Midwest with my family where no matter how much of a shitty situation you sucked it up and had the game face. Mom said no matter how poor you were you always took care of your things so no one knew. Every day you woke up you decided to be happy or crappy. If you chose crappy then life was not great. This life is often what our Millennials experience. However it is what made me wake every day to choose to learn and find the best in everything.

Now for the more aware and transparent me. While I’m pretty sure I sent my kids into therapy trying to make their life perfect. I am learning that my desire for perfection really deprived me of meaningful relationships with romantic partners. I always had a thick armor that protected myself from anyone hurting me or those I love.

Leaving my corporate job and falling in love with my best friend taught me many things. Number one I made my first about me on the web site and my best friend and new love told me that it was too robotic and he would never buy anything from me. Wow!!! Most people would have tossed him to the side of the road. However he had been my best friend for many years. We had shared many things and always been able to be honest about our opinions. I’ve always felt safe discussing things with him. The best part is our ability to agree to disagree and still like each other. So I listened. Had a couple glasses of wine and rewrote it and rewrote it and rewrote it until he said I was transparent enough. Then he said. This is a good start and I think you’ll learn to tell more as time goes on.

After thinking long and hard on his points. What I was doing wasn’t working and how I know. He was so right. I hired a coach to help me break the armor that he was always able to see through. (Like some X-ray vision he had). While I’m not yet great I’m learning and at 51 I’m learning I’m teachable. Yeah amazing huh!!! While I know a shit ton about food and flavors. I’m now learning about me. Crazy huh.

Why am I telling you this? What does this have to do with our topic?

Humans – Connections – Friendship – Love

As humans we all have our stories…. doesn’t matter your race, religion, sexuality, preference or whatever anyone believes that divides us. I believe that our differences brings us together instead of divides us.

We are all humans. We are all looking for connections. We need friendship. We desire love.

Yet we spend a lot of time protecting ourselves from being hurt.

How can we truly create connections, friendship and love/trust another if we are not willing to give up some of ourselves. Why can’t we accept ourselves, allow ourselves to be vulnerable? To risk everything about ourself to truly connect with other. To find true friends that accept you no matter what. To truly love another that makes you wish to wake every day wanting to be a better person for them.

Well February is the month of
Humans – Connections – Friendship – Love

Michele has taught me that I can be vulnerable, I am worthy of love and I wake up every day wanting to be a better person that is worthy of him and his. It has taken me until I was 49 to really find this and now that I am 51 I can’t believe that I ever thought there was another way.

Michele is the love of my life which I am sure makes February my month to honor him and what his love, honesty, trust and gentleness has taught me.

Humans – Connections – Friendship – Love

All is possible if you truly wish to connect with another. All it takes if faith, trust and the ability to risk it all.

What is the ability to really connect with another worth to you? For me it was worth risking it all.

Me being a chef focused on organic food – my medium to help people connect is through fantastic, heathy, nutritious food

Let me help you truly connect with others through my Chef Services, Meal Plans and Cooking Classes. I’ll bring the food and you bring the Family and Friends!

Happy February! Have a Happy Month of Connections, Friendship and Love

Chef Jennifer Johnson

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