The Circle of Things

Last month I wrote about My Eco Conscious Why. This is March the month of Nutrition. I’ll explain how giving back will make the earth, community and world stronger through The Circle of Things.

As many of you know I compost all of my food waste. No matter if at home or the commercial kitchen or at an event. I bring everything back for the compost. I live in a condo now and I have Recycle City come to pick up every week. Every quarter they bring me back 2 paper bags of dirt. Dirt I use on my balcony and in my house to grow plants. Dirt full of nutrients and has proven better than anything I’ve bought over the years. My herbs, plants and trees are bigger and more flavorful than ever. Circle of my food.

I also reuse the water from my cooking and events as much as possible. Instead of tossing it down the drain we water the plants and trees or if at an event I have the team water the plants and trees of the venue. I used to do when I had a home but forgot or didn’t see it possible when I moved into the condo. Water is so precious especially here in the desert and I’ve found that where there is a will there is a way. Ive found a way to make the best use of the resource with filling my water features on the balcony through watering the plants and trees on the balcony and in the house. Now sometimes there is green or brown water running in the fountain but that doesn’t matter. I have peaceful water features that I can enjoy while watching the sunset and feel even better that I didn’t waste water for this simple pleasure.

New surprise for me as we closed out February is this. I had a couple different flower arrangements and while the flowers went on to the compost pile some of the greenery and stalk decorations have grown roots and are flourishing in the vase. I was able to combine the arrangements and I now have beautiful plants continuing to grow. I’m going to transplant and see what becomes of these new treasures – I’m so excited with this new discovery.

I think back to being a little girl, my mom had conservative habits as we didn’t have much in terms of money or . She always had a beautiful garden and a total green thumb for growing anything. She recycled water, used coffee grounds, cow pies, or whatever to make plants grow large and beautiful. She’s not around for me to ask how she did it and when I was younger I didn’t have as much interest as I do now. I regret that I didn’t pay as much attention as I should have or maybe she wanted me to BUT… I do know that if we give back to the earth and make sure that the organic structures are nourished, cared for and replenished that we will have healthier earth, worms and bugs that will provide us with healthier water, grasses and plants. These healthier grasses and plants will provide us with healthier food for the animals and humans. When we have healthier animals they provide us with healthier meats. That combined with the healthier plants providing us vegetables will in turn make us healthier individuals.

Waste of these items return to compost and then begins The Circle of Things. A Better Healthier Us. Just by giving back to the earth, animals and our communities. A Better Community and World.

Have an A Happy Nutritious March!


Chef Jennifer Johnson
Witnessing Nature In Everything
Chef Focused on Organic Cooking and Sustainability

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