May – The Month of Nature and Environment

May the month of nature and environment. It naturally follows. April Showers and Spring Cleaning.

What is your opinion of where good food starts? I have people say the more expensive and fancy the restaurant it must be better for you. Others say is the grocery store. Safeway, Fry’s, Sprouts, Whole Foods organic foods are great. Others the farmers markets, Others the farm and others the dirt. Some say vegans and others meatitarian and then vegetarian. Does the taste or portion size of your meal make it good for you?

Eat paleo, gluten free, Atkins, Dessert First, Cleanse, etc etc etc. No wonder that diet and health industry is $20 Billion Dollars. Too bad that hundreds of thousands suppliers, pharma and surgeons have different gimmicks on how to become thin. Thin does not always mean healthy.

The FDA set up Food Guidelines- “The Food Pyramid” introduced in 1992. 25 years after the beginning of Industrial Food Revolution that brought us GMOs, corn fed animals, caged chickens and lobbyists that have the FDA proclaiming that French Fries are a Vegetable in our school diets. Then we complain that our kids are Obese and suffering Diabetes at the highest level ever.

We are looking for the quick fix, vitamin, trick, cleanse, surgery that makes us thin and thin the appearance of health and beauty. In reality not all thin people are healthy and not all overweight people are not healthy. So it doesn’t come down to what the mirror, fashion or movie industries try to show us. It comes down to really we are What we Eat and What we Eat Eats too.

My suggestions are everyone should start with a 30 day elimination cleanse and depending how you do – do another in 6 months. Remove caffeine, Sugar, Alcohol for the 30 days. Remove beef, pork week 2-4 and chicken, fish, other meats week 3-4. Then add items one at a time back to the diets in order to determine what if any foods or drinks bother your system. Keep a log and write how you feel when you eat or don’t eat those items. It take 27 days to start a new habit so to take effect you decide after that – are you an addictive personality?

I am with pointless carbohydrates – it is true – Can’t eat just one Lay’s Potato Chip! So I don’t keep them, ever in the house – else my stinkin thinkin (the devil on my left shoulder that whispers in my ear “just one what could it hurt?”) will get me trying just one – then the bag is gone and honestly while my mouth loves them, my stomach and system hates me for eating them, I feel sluggish and nauseated. So why even have one????

We need to pay attention to how we feel when we eat. Use these basic guidelines for what you should be eating. Women need 4 and men need 6 ounces or protein, 1/2 cup starches and 1/2 plate of fruit/vegetables each meal per day. We should get all of our food from an organic, sustainable, grass-fed supply. Meet your local farmer. I’ve created a tip cards on Healthy Exchanges and Organic-Bio vs. Marketing terms to help clarify the confusion between commercials on TV and actual nutritious organic food. Use these links to help Guide You.

Healthy Exchanges
Organic-Bio vs. Marketing

Enjoy them and have a great month. Let’s figure out the truth of healthy food together!


Chef Jennifer

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