Health – Is there a Magic Pill? or Quick Cure?

As we discussed in the last blog post, Nutrition Requirements.

What is Healthy or Nutritious? I know of many thin and heavy people that are not healthy. The inverse is also true. What makes us healthy or not. Why do some people eat healthy and have medical issues and why do some people eat poorly and have no health issues?

The FDA provides us guideline for food consumption, The Food Pyramid. It hasn’t been updated for many years. Meanwhile, the same FDA allows French fries to be listed as a vegetable in the school food system (Industrial Food Lobby). Have you eaten at a restaurant and the portion sizes is enough to feed 2 people at most of our restaurants and sometimes even 4. We wasted it or take it home or worse we try to eat it all because (if you mom was like mine – There are children starving in China and Ethiopia and they would appreciate the food – she had their photos on the wall – just saying)

Today due to farming practices we have to eat 8-10 servings of vegetables to get the nutrition that we received just 50 years ago. With the nutrition of the food diminished so has the flavor. Less flavor means we eat more to become satisfied. Assisting the snowball effect of our obesity problem. The heavier we are the more tired we are the less we wish to exercise. Then the more medical problems we have the potential of having and more pills to take to reverse.

We take more vitamins than any other country to recover the nutrition we are lacking. A majority of our vitamins are synthetic and also have been contaminated with chemicals and heavy metals. Approved by the FDA. We have to get healthy organic whole food vitamins. In order to ensure they are not contaminated and provide you with actual nutrition. These same vitamin manufacturers make better vitamins or don’t sell to countries that have higher standards than we do for the amount of chemicals that are allowed. Example There are over 80,000 chemicals used in the things we use and eat. Europe bans over 1500 chemicals and the US 33 which 19 are new last year all found in Anti-Bacterial Soap. Haven’t the soap companies been promoting Hygiene since the 60s when they originally sponsored the Day Time Dramas now knows as Soap Operas? – Well I digress. (Note – if you used an Anti-Bacterial Soap drop in your water to remove flies from your plants – now we are finding out that what we thought was healthy was really not even good for humans but we eat those plants right?)

Side note and point how the EPA and FDA don’t always agree: you know that it has been illegal since the 70’s to have lead in our paint right (toxic chemical act of 1976)? Did you know that lipstick has lead in it? That is approved by the same FDA that made French fries a vegetable in the school menu.

Between GMOs and pesticide fertilizer and chemical pest control to manage our crops. ADD the poor industrial farming practices coupled with the elimination of utilizing crop rotation and the government pays our farmer to not farm causing the land to become denuded of vegetation impacting the insects and waste in the land to die and requiring years of restoration in order to be sustainable. These are the reason for diminished nutrition and a bit of insight into our increase in obesity.

How do we get better? How do we take back our ownership in our better health? Is it B12 shots? The $20B diet and exercise industry Pills? Botox? Cosmetic Surgery?

Well I have purchased (so far in my lifetime) no less than 50 diet books, everything from Eat for your Blood Type to Paleo to the start with dessert along with South Beach and many many others. I have owned treadmills, elliptical and bow flex which all became clothes hangers after the thrill was over. I have paid for gym memberships, smoothy machines etc. All of which work for a bit then I am right where I was at. It is still not perfect for me. BUT I have taken off 90 of the 150 lbs I put on. Some is exercise but the majority is better organic foods. The rest of the weight is coming off slowly but it took me 10 years to put it on and I’m only 4 years into the journey to healthier me. However my blood work is better than before and I made the commitment to myself to get there over time not expecting a magic solution through a pill or surgery.

What worked for me may not work for you. Each of us is different. Our bodies are made up of the most complex systems in the world. We have to connect with ourselves and listen to what our body tells us.

To change we don’t have to wait for pain. We just have to take back ownership of 2 major items.

#1 – Ownership in our health. There is no quick fix we must eat healthy a majority of time and exercise
#2 – Care about our food supply and take back our control over how we receive it by spending our dollars on Healthy Organic, Sustainable and Pastured Grass Fed Food Supply. Companies care about profits. Their profits will be made on our good food choices.

Until we do these 2 things we will not see changes in how our Food Suppliers bring us the products we want which will lower the cost making it more economical for everyone.

What’s next? For generations science has gone back and forth on what is healthy for us and what it not.

Coke originally has cocaine in it until it was determined to be not healthy. Soy is good, no it’s bad, drink wine, don’t drink wine, etc. This is not only in the US. In Italy it was marketed to give kids pasta with more gluten because it would help kids grow. Proof that marketing and statistics can drive us to do what they would like.

We cannot control everything but we can control what we put in and on our bodies! Demanding better for ourselves and our families. Let’s start with – Women need 4 and men need 6 ounces or protein, 1/2 cup starches and 1/2 plate of fruit/vegetables each meal per day. We should get all of our food from an organic, sustainable, grass-fed supply. Until we care more about our health and the health of our food supply instead of depending on the FDA, Doctors or Pills to solve our issues things won’t get better.

What will you do next for better health?


Chef Jennifer

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