Summer is Upon Us

June the beginning of summer. YAY! Here in Arizona it isn’t too hot yet and it is perfect for Salad, BBQ and eating outside. Now everyone is taking swim season seriously. So the diets begin or are restarted.

Why not abolish or lose the diet mentality and change your life style.

Instead of “I can’t have that” change our mantra to “I can have that but choose not to”?

Drink 1/2 your weight in ounces a day
Eat 1/3-1/2 plate with fruit or veggies every meal
Portion size (especially for Americans) 1/2 c starch and 4oz women/6oz men protein at each meal.

I’m a Chef! Of course I Love Food! Seriously I do. BUT – I eat good for me food. I have taken off 95 lbs with organic food in the past 6 years. I love tasting and trying new things. Couple nights ago we had Bite Nite. (Charity event for ALS) I tried many other foods. All yummy. Many awesome chefs. When I arrived home I still was hungry. Not because I didn’t eat enough – but because I didn’t feel full or satiated with many of the options for food. Why is that?

One thing I’ve discussed with my clients is you need to be in touch with your body for what makes your body feel energized and complete versus sleepy and sluggish. We all know how that feels. Even when we over indulge we know. We are more thirsty and we sleep poorly.

Me – I love food, wine and sleep. Well of course my customers and having fun but honestly if I sleep poorly I am no good to anyone including myself. I function yes but not optimally. Recently I hurt myself with age and posture problems. This set me back but also taught me an important lesson. Age comes with needs to remember exercise, stretching and self care (which sometimes means I don’t do anything except enjoy peace and quiet). I now 3 months later sleep again 7 hours solid and am starting to exercise regularly again.

I feel great when I drink enough water, exercise, eat vegetables, finish eating before 7pm, and stay away from sweets, processed foods, etc.

So June what are you going to do to help yourself? Remember water and vegetables. Please also remember protein. We need protein to keep our muscles and bones strong especially as we age. It’s not about being in a swimsuit and being sexy. It’s about being healthy and living to enjoy your great great great grandchildren! Sexy is how you feel about yourself – love yourself and have a Great Great Time this Summer. Self-Care!


Chef Jennifer
Eco-Conscious Organic Chef

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