Chef Jennifer, Politics and The Environment

So many Exciting things happening with Chef Jennifer & Witnessing Nature In Food!!!

Well let’s start here. Two Fridays ago I signed a contract to start a podcast for a year. I’m so excited to begin. We will do 30 minutes of food and 30 minutes of environment. I can’t wait to include our speakers and to see what our listeners request of us for our weekly podcast. I’m looking for ideas on the name. What do you think of Eco-Conscious Organic Chef Jennifer?

I’m also excited that I am teaching every month with True Garden and I’m looking for other places I can also teach. This months tip card is marketing vs organic terms. Kind of the decoder ring that marketing companies like to blur with organic food.

I’m also are teaching in the Be Well Network with Ms. Carmen Ray. Awesome group of coaches and people discussing Inspiration, confidence, leadership, health and wellness (me) as well as many items. Check out to see what we are doing for the rest of the year.

Of course we have to discuss politics. I’m so sad about this. But it is necessary. We were on our way to have good animal practice and now it is all in suspense to see how the government proceeds. Please join your local Green Chamber and speak to your local and state politicians about the topics of reinforcing Good practices with poultry, beef as well as to continue removing the 13 chemicals in anti-bacterial soap and and and. We have come so far but yet back 10 steps since March this year. I’m very ashamed of our government at this point and their lack of desire to ensure that not only are our Animals treated with respect but also that they eat good food which will provide us better quality food. They are trying to remove the Organic Certified Label as well and continue to block our request to remove chemicals from our food and personal products.

We can make sure we spend our money in the right places – stores and farmers that support Clean, Sustainable, Organic Products not to mention they treat humans and animals with respect. We need to Buy local (buy from people registered with the Local First Arizona Organization or whoever your Local First Org is) we can investigate the product and buy products that respect not only the sources of the product but also are good for us. It is more important than ever for us to be conscious consumers. The all mighty dollar/euro/currency rules what our suppliers do for us. PERIOD. We need to also write our elected Senator and Congress persons to ensure they are voting the way we wish – not the way the lobbies desire.

With all of the fake news out there and how our news promotes their opinions we have to investigate for ourselves. Yes I know it’s time consuming and who do you believe? It’s oddly strange that facts that 60% of people believe fake news today and even more concerning that 80% of them once proven false cling to the false news even more not believing anything said. Who to believe? Trust? I suggest educate yourself and trust your gut. If it sounds too easy to do or believe. It probably is too good to be true. My mom always said – believe nothing of what you hear and only 1/2 of what you see.

Trust your gut. Do what you think is right. Help keep us moving forward to a greener world where we care more about people and animals than profit. That we care more about our health than corporation gains. Food heals! Own your responsibility for your health. What will you do to move us all forward?


Chef Jennifer
Eco-Conscious Organic Chef

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