The Age Old Question – What’s for Dinner?

Our fast and busy lives zoom past us at break neck speed. I know because I woke up July 1 and thought Wow 1/2 way through the year. Soon it will be Christmas again, then 2018 and I’ll blink for it to be July 2018 again. Rinse and Repeat. I digress.

We think every month. I’ll eat healthier I promise BUT (the big but) I’m so busy. How? Where? What? It is so very overwhelming.

Cooking every night is sometimes impossible and if you have kids with sport activities well it is not sometimes impossible it is almost impossible to even have a family meal together let alone cook it too. I raised sons with sports, friends and everything else and we ate our share of fast food in the car while going between events. Yes I am a chef. Yes I know what to do and still went that drive through. Thought we hit the jackpot when Pei-Wei opened and we could call in food, sit in the pick up parking where someone would bring it to the car. At least I could have stir fry with brown rice (I used to be pretty good with chopsticks to eat while driving). It was an upgrade from drive through but still food in large portions fit for family style that I over ate while driving to events or sitting on the sidelines cheering on my sons.

When the boys were teenagers we would cook on the weekends at home and eat meals together. We did not pre prepped the food for the week because if I did then would wake up Monday and teenage boys being teenage boys it would all be gone by Monday at noon. In fact once the boys grew up and moved out I got a 400$ per week raise just for food.

Here is how I Beat the What’s For Dinner? Question. I plan…. I plan for 5 days – expecting I’ll eat out 1 or 2 times or that I won’t be hungry at least one night a week. I keep plenty of fruits, veggies and snacks (healthy) available.

I’m still busy every day and sometimes after long work days I find that I’m hungry and don’t have the energy or desire to cook. However I still have food to eat. I try to make it simple on myself. One time a week (my day is typically Sunday eve or Monday morning) I make 4-5 different protein options – I prepare them and bake in the oven all at the same time easily done all at once knowing they each have different cook times. Usually I cook 2 chicken breasts, 1 – 2 fish, shrimp and ground turkey. I cook a couple starches quinoa and either lentils or potatoes (baked in the oven). I cook them neutral and will spice them accordingly when I decide what to eat that day. I keep fresh veggies. Sometimes I will stir-fry them but mostly I keep them fresh to eat raw or oven back when everything else is heating up.

Why do I focus on the protein? Typically because that takes the longest to prepare. However once prepared I can create anything. Chilled chicken breast for salad or shrimp tacos or fish tacos and shrimp quinoa. The potential options are limited by only my creative mind. This way I have a healthy organic home cooked meal in just moments. Sometimes my attention span is only moments so this works perfect for me. Serving sized 4-6 oz of protein, 1/2 cup starch and 1/2 plate of veggies at each meal. Eat the Rainbow – not only is it beautiful on the plate it is the best way to get all of your nutrients in one plate.

This reason is why we created Food Prep and Meal Plan Services for you at Witnessing Nature in Food. You live your life with your every day life that you choose and can also have Healthy, Organic Meals ready for pick up or have delivered directly to your door. All you have to do is select which meals you wish for the week and the day you will pick up. Then take home and refrigerate or freeze if you aren’t going to eat by the Use By Date. Follow the oven or microwave directions and enjoy the peace of mind that you’re eating quick nutritious meals. We want you to live life the way you want without the guilt of what to eat. A Bonus of yummy to eat! Contact us for service in your area.


Chef Jennifer
Eco-Conscious Organic Chef

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