I was in Dallas for an eWomen Conference last week returning last night.

The event was Great Inspiration for nearly a 1000 of eWomen and eMales throughout North American motivating and support each other to break through their self doubt, obstacles, etc and become clear on their vision of how to share their gifts with the world. Gifts of healing, selling Realestate, understanding others better, make overs, speakers, therapists, etc in order to help other people become their true authentic selves. Through group collaboration, coaching from Sandra and Kym Yancey we were all in the right place at the right time to learn that whatever is in our way can easily with our own commitment can be overcome.

The eWomen Humanitarian Award went to a 15 year old girl from Florida. She was 14 when the Dallas shootings effected her and she realized that her Dad who was also a Police Officer could be killed in the line of duty. She uses the uniform of the police officer and their badge number to create bears for the surviving family members especially kids of the fallen officer. WOW a 14 year old did this… She didn’t know how to sew or get a business started but found the resources to do it.

We are a community of over 500,000 connected through 118 chapters. Such a Powerful Event!!! I returned revitalized and refueled! I received so many ideas on how to take my business to the next level and how to incorporate the things learned from experiences of other women and men (known as eMales) into my business. It took me an entire evening yesterday just to process all of the ideas. I have to say I have never been so motivated and our Meeting Title #Time2Rise. WOW! AMAZING EVENT!

BUT for me

COMMUNITY IS NOT ONLY people in your Tribe (those your hang with) – It is:

What do I (or you) plan to do to Help others?

It is A New Leaf who help men, women, veterans and families suffering from Domestic Violence and Homelessness.

Elena Thornton and her husband that started Arizona Consortium for the Arts to share the arts with everyone.

It is Dena Patton who started Girls Rule Foundation who’s goal is to teach self esteem, leadership, confidence and vision to our girls 12-17.

It is Pat Gillum who started Sisterhood Extravaganza to help support women and knows that together we can accomplish. anything.

It is Sandra Yancey who started eWomenNetwork to help collaborate, teach, and gather women in business together because less than 2% women businesses make it to $1M in revenue. Her goal is to have 1M women over $1M in revenue without emasculating our men.

It is the Scottsdale Philharmonic and their over 100 musicians who gift 2,000 attendees 5 times a year with free classical music.

The Green Chamber in Phoenix and Green Living Magazine showing there are Eco-Conscious Ways to do everything. &

I am so proud to work with these lovely Organizations and Individuals who started them. I participate teaching families how to cook healthy on a budget with A New Leaf, Hired Elena several times to support our events, participated with Girls Rule as instructor on healthy eating as well as Career Speaker, on the board of eWomen local Phx chapter as well as Scottsdale Philharmonic. Participating in and with these groups is very important for me.

Even though I participate in these powerful groups I have often wondered how will I share my gift of Organic Healthy Eating to everyone. I really believe that we have gone way over the end with Doctors and Pharmaceuticals to solve all of our problems, lose weight, look younger, self diagnosing from TV ads and WebMD, etc. We have pills to make us happy, fix our sex issues, hunger suppression, boost metabolism, etc etc….

When we were in Dallas a few of us went out to eat at Cafe Momentum. Can I just say WOW – the food and service are Amazing. With 2 bottles of wine and 5 dinners we walked out costing $50 per person including more than 20% tip. Why is this important? This restaurant is a Non-Profit to teach skills of Restaurant, Cooking, Serving, etc to At Risk Youth. These guys are young and many times do not have anyone to lean on. They have had issues with being in Juvenile Detention or on the path to a real prison life if there is not any supportive intervention. Tag Line – “These kids get out of jail and we give them fire and knives” – Chef Chad Houser, Founder, Cafe Momentum. They provide a transformative experience through a 12-month paid post-release internship program for young men and women coming out of the juvenile facilities. What a fantastic inspirational group of Chefs, Case Workers, and Young People. The Chefs and Case Workers teach the Interns “The things we think about, focus on, and surround ourselves with, Will Shape who we Become” (just like Dena Patton and Sandra Yancey’s mantra’s). EAT. DRINK. CHANGE LIVES. My Life will forever be transformed by the 2 hours I spent at the restaurant. The service we received and the meal was one of the best I have had! (Oh Yeah – Did I mention this is one of the top 10 restaurants in Dallas) – the photo of this post is two of our dishes.

This month I am launching my first PodCast. ‘Food to Love’
Chef Jennifer is an Eco-Conscious Organic Chef with Witnessing Nature in Food. Learn what “clean” eating really means. Chef Jennifer brings you completely transparent discussions about food and the environment. Learn how nutrient-rich earth can impact the food you and animals eat by providing more nutritious ingredients. Discover organic, chemical-free ways to live an Eco-Conscious Life, and how picking distinct ingredients, organically grown, and cleanly made foods can heal you.

This is the launching platform for my next steps – teaching everyone how Food Can Heal you! Nutritious Food will bring back the vitamins and nutrition that your body needs to become and remain healthy. Health is the New Wealth. We have choices and Organic, Pastured, Grass Fed, etc is not only for the wealthy. It is for everyone! I’ll provide easy healthy recipes and bring other experts to the show that will coach us how to Spend our Money on our Own Ultimate Self Care. Healthy Nutritious Food. My goal is to teach everyone that Food will heal us. We deserve to eat Nutritious Food and not be confused by Marketing Terms.

COMMUNITY to me has a definition now. Group of people set out to help others succeed with the support and tools they may need to accomplish their goals.

Nutritious Organic Food is my Gift and my COMMUNITY. What are your Gifts? How will you share them?


Chef Jennifer
Eco-Conscious Organic Chef/Speaker

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