November 2017 A Month of Gratitude

What are you Thankful for? It has perplexed me for a few months the volume of things surrounding me to be Thankful for.

I’ve been an Entrepreneur for 2 years and 2 months now. I’ve passed the 2 year mark. Whew – If I knew 2 years ago the amount of personal growth and the difficulty of being an Entrepreneur – I would have still done it. But if I knew then what I know now… Maybe I’d have been a bit less stubborn on a few things. but Probably not… We all learn different ways!

Even though – as we all know if the day to day of working and resolving opportunities and removing obstacles it sometime can be hard to remember why we wanted to start down this path? What my Why was? What my Why is now (because it changes as we evolve)?

I was recently reminded of all of the Things to be Thankful for through a friend I’ve known more than 20 years. I catered an event at her house. A beautiful house with an outstanding view. As I was admiring the view from her patio I remembered that the pure awesomeness of the desert and the sunset reminded me why I cook all organic food. I really want to show people that Living an Eco Conscious Organic Lifestyle supports my philosophy of “Health is Wealth”. Starting with Great Ingredients is not a diet and it doesn’t have to taste like a diet and is better than any processed food. Because when you start with good ingredients it is easy to taste fantastic!

My friend introduced me to several awesome people – reminding me that Community is awesome and important! We need others to be in our life and to have people that we can depend on and support our needs, desires, hopes, dreams, and still be there when we mess things up – is extremely Valuable to each of us. Long term friendship is something that we sometimes become complacent with, only seeing them at wedding and funerals. Saying we will get together soon but getting back into our lives and becoming complacent again. I recognize this and will adjust this behavior.

After the event we hung out and caught up since it has been about 4 months since we saw each other. However, it was like we had never been away from each other. We laughed, danced, sang and had a great time! Reminding me the necessity to take a break and enjoy friends, family and the opportunity to just Be There!!!

So when I ask myself what am I thankful for – I say again there are so many things that happen every day and I have an overwhelming desire to say I have gratitude for every wonder that exists and every opportunity for improvement.


We couldn’t do anything or be anywhere without our Customers, Newsletter Subscribers, Business Partners, Sponsors, Employees Permanent and Temporary, our friends and family!

We look forward to spending 2018 with all of you even more!!! Have a Wonderful Awesome Thanksgiving with your Family and Friends. Show them what you are thankful for!


Chef Jennifer
Eco-Conscious Organic Chef

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