A Time of Reflection: As 2017 is Departing and 2018 is Beginning

As we begin to embark on the 2018 path…. I find myself reflecting on all of the things we did in 2017. What a Fantastic Year!

I am spending the afternoon with Family in Italy while thinking this is my second New Years Eve away from our US home. While with family I love I am forced to realize that I will pass to the New Year faster than my US family and friends. However my friends that have become family in Australia, China and India will pass into the New Year before us even here!!

Thinking back to how quickly 2017 passed – I reflect that 2017 was a year of the Great Inner/self & business growth. Very Exciting and Fantastic Year with everything we did – I started a list and moved to my calendar then realized more and more the things we accomplished. Wow! Amazing really the amount of things that happen in a year that are forgotten as you move on to the next day, week and month. 2018 I have realized I need to keep better track, as fast as things change and progress it is important to really remember from where we came. After all that is how I created the business name Witnessing Nature In Food. Name to reflect food is for savoring and nourishment not just consuming.

2017 while slow in the beginning it ended fast and furious with tons of fun and adventures along the way!! We became very clean in our Vision and Mission. We have written processes (yes written down and documented – that was a huge undertaking)! We gained over 60 customers with 45 of those in the last 4 months bringing our total to 107. We had 27 repeat customers and 12 referral customers. We Launched and ramped our Meal Plan/Prep programs. Launched our new branding and Podcast “Food To Love” which is amazing – just saying…. Really understanding what we wish to do and who we are speaking to versus trying to speak to everyone. Social media understanding – which compared to a couple years ago we didn’t have pages on any of these platforms. We moved from contract employees to having full time employees. We rented a large full-time Commercial Kitchen which has room to grow. Gained 3 venues as preferred caterer and working with many partners for cross collaboration.

Keeping our Main Focus: On The Customer? How can we ensure that we remain focused on the customer happiness and satisfaction that they had the best event ever! We really believe if we remain focused on the customer then all other tasks and things that happen become very unimportant.

Here are Just a Few of the Amazing events we were blessed to participate in:
2nd year participating in the Local First Fall Festival
Participated in every Launch Party for the Green Living Magazine
Gin and Jazz Festival for Heritage Center – helping them raise over 4K
ALS – Phoenix Bite Night with Jo Malone – served 750 persons
Served 17 weddings
Served over 107 customers their friends and family
Members of the Phoenix Green Chamber
Board of the Scottsdale Philharmonic
Phoenix Green Business Member
Displaced over 13,200 pounds of wastes from the landfill – measuring only 3/4 clear bag of wasted to the landfill every 2 weeks (clear bag – no color)
Teaching every month at A New Leaf facility La Mesita for Healthy Cooking on a Budget
Taught 8 Education courses with our Tip Cards
Taught 78 Cooking Classes
Golf course Events
Intel Projects
Preschools events
Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation with the Christmas Pudding Concert. Being the first caterer to be asked back after 16 concerts made us so proud!!! Served 200 VIPs plus celebrities and their family and friends.

I honestly have to say that I am so excited and proud of our team for 2017!!!

While I am a Type A personality and I never feel that nothing moves fast enough – as I look back I have to forgive the misses and Focus on the Awesome!

We look forward to serving all of our past and future customers in 2018. We are fortunate and blessed to be able to serve all of our customers, partners, and friends!

We are wishing everyone the Very Safest, Best and Prosperous New Year fr 2018 and beyond!!!


Chef Jennifer & Team
Eco Conscious Organic Chef

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