Reuse, Recycle, Compost

How do you Reuse, Recycle or Compost?

We don’t have Recycling or Compost at the Commercial Kitchen – Every day I bring it home to Compost and Recycle. Yay Recycle City Phoenix. We also work with JD for each of our events to bring Compost Barrels to pick up from events. All of our Catering Items are Reusable, Recyclable and/or Compostable.

We use cloth bags to shop and we save all of our plastic bags and air packs from things we receive and turn them back into our local Sprouts store for recycling.

Batteries are returned to the Battery Outlet.

Cloth Napkins that have been ruined become kitchen towels and clothes that no longer serve us at home are sent to consignment or given to Goodwill so someone else can use them.

Even from the commercial kitchen and from home we put one large clear garbage bag in the trash/landfill.

Today we passed our Audit and are now Proud Members of Phoenix Green Business Leaders. We are so proud to keep things OUT OF THE LANDFILL!!!!

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