Sugar Addiction

Sugar is more addictive than cocaine? See this visual. Brain patterns of both sugar and cocaine users versus a normal brain.

We wonder why we have obesity in the US and some blame exercise or portion size or stress or or or whatever reason. What do you think it is?

Me I think 2 things. #1 ownership and #2 sugar.

Why ownership? We have an excuse for everything. I know my Achilles heal is carbs. So I don’t put potato chips or popcorn in my house. I can’t eat just 1 or 5 or 19 chips. If I open the bag. Before the end of the day it is all in my mouth. Same for popcorn. Yes I air pop. But I spray coconut oil on it with salt and Parmesan cheese. I own it. I don’t allow it in my house. If I want popcorn I buy in bulk organic and only buy 1/2 – 1 Cup at a time. Else I have late night rationale as to why I can have it. I suggest we know our weaknesses and put prevention in the way of us falling to our weaknesses.

Why sugar? Let’s start with Milk… We pasteurize it remove all flavor and vitamins then we add artificial flavor, sugar and vitamins back to it so our kids will drink it. If you haven’t watched Jamie Oliver’s Ted Talk on how much Sugar our kids drink in school milk – Please don’t miss it. – this is ONE WHEELBARROW FULL in just 5 years of primary school per child in Milk alone. Then we add it with Kool-Aid, Vitamin Drinks, Energy Drinks, soda, eating cakes, candy, sugar treats, Potato Chips, etc etc etc. We nee to Take Control!

The one thing I know. If you own your blood sugar balance your body will perform better overall long term. Our bodies we made perfect to do what we need. We forget that digestion starts at sight and smell. We pick items that are beautiful and smell good first. Sometimes we even eat them if they don’t taste very good.

Of course I like something sweet once in a while and once in a while is ok. When I have a craving for sweets then I start with Dark Chocolate – one square at a time – wait 20 minutes and have another if not satisfied.

We meed to remember digestion starts in your mouth with your tastebuds – they send signals to your brain – preparing it for what your gut will receive. Fake sugar or processed sugar impacts how your body manages these.

If the tongue tastes sweet, the brain sends signals to release insulin to manage it. If we put fake sugar to the system then insulin doesn’t have anything to do. What does the body do with the excess insulin? Then we eat candy or cake or cookies or or or. More insulin is released – So what happens? Energy is stored as fat or creates other reactions that trigger obesity and brain dopamine to stimulate our high of sugar followed by low of sugar.

High and lows of sugar. You have heard of “chasing the dragon” with drugs. It is the same impact to the body with Sugar. Which is why we are are looking for the same feeling the first time you had that dopamine high. No matter if sugar, exercise, running, extreme fitness, extreme sports, jumping out of an airplane or doing prescribed or illegal narcotics. If we are stimulated by the activity then our brain will want to do it again. And again more and more trying to replicate the first reaction. Sugar ingestion would never be enough. Sugar has been proven to be more addictive than Cocaine. Which is why we chase that Sugar Dragon.

The Obesity phenomenon is created by our Excessive Ingestion of real and chemical sugar.

How to break the sugar habit? and Stop chasing the Dragon?

#1 elimination cleanse – don’t drink or take something to cleanse – why waste the money? just stop eating it. your body will naturally cleanse cleanse
#2 stop drinking anything but water, herbal tea and black coffee. (however caffeine is also an issue but let’s deal with sugar first)
#3 drink 1/2 your weight in ounces in water every day. Yes plain regular water
#4 eat foods that have natural sugar (like fruit) you’ll get fiber too
#5 if craving sugar hits you – start with dark chocolate (over 70% cacao) 1 square every 20 minutes until you are satisfied – dark chocolate has good nutrition for you too
#6 if you have to have use sugar for baking. Use organic raw non-gmo sugar in your recipes.
#7 If you have a weakness. Don’t put it in your reach. Keep it away! Don’t buy it is even better.
#8 be in touch with your body – how do you feel when you eat what you eat? Act accordingly if you feel bad don’t eat it.


Chef Jennifer
Eco-Conscious Organic Chef

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