Chef Jennifer’s Favorite Foods

It is July. WOW – we just had the 4th of July parties. Busy BBQ Season. Tons of fun. July is the Family Reunion Month. Though these celebrations and other events people ask me all of the time what I like to cook most. Which is a Totally Complicated Question for Me.

It’s like asking me what’s your favorite movie or wine or country to visit. There are so many for many different reasons. It also depends on the day. You know how it is. You wake up and crave chicken other days crab and some days vegetables however dark chocolate, pizza and popcorn is an always crave. So I don’t keep it in the house and can only walk to get it. Those are the rules.

So here it is….
Seafood in many different cooking styles. Crab and shrimp would be my all time favorites followed by salmon, cod and sea bass.

Meat well I’m not such a red meat lover so once in a while grass fed beef burger or filet. Love chicken breast and lamb.

Vegetables well anything except Brussel Sprouts and fresh onions. I’ve developed a taste in the past couple years for Brussel sprouts but in small quantity. Fresh onions not a chance. Like my onions cooked with salt and pepper.

Sweet potato, red potato, brown rice and quinoa. Also starting to really enjoy farrow. Of course all of the legumes. Love lentils, black beans, chick peas etc.

Anything except pineapple (too sweet) and bananas (allergic). Love all the rest.

Scones & eggs any way
But my favorite is toast with smashed avocado and poached eggs. Avocado is very under rated it is the perfect fruit. Check out my avocado video

Salads and Sandwiches or Wraps
Turkey, cheese my favorite and avocado and lentil ramen is a favorite with egg and fresh veggies.

Baked or sautéed Fish (all fish), Shrimp, Crab, Scallops, Chicken and once in a while nice grass fed beef. (Michele is on the quest for the best burger in the US. He loves them)
With lentils vegetables and quinoa (rainbow mostly). Love spicy food!

Anytime foods
Pizza Pizza Pizza – bread sauce cheese and any sorts of vegetables and chicken. Yummy Yummy
I have lifetime free Pizza from Michele. Won it on a bet. Ha! He wants pork on his pizza though.

Berries with mint and coconut cream
Dark chocolate
Almond cake
Pistachio gelato
Peanut Butter gelato
Mostly for me sweet desserts aren’t my favorite.
Love fruit and custard. My favorite at this moment is protein powder mixed with coconut yogurt and served with fresh strawberries and blueberries.

All of these are just ways of saying…. I Love Food!!! Not just food but how to create nutritious meals that taste so fantastic you want to see, smell, taste and be satisfied once you eat. Food is the pathway to making you wish to have more often the feeling that food can be a nutritious while wonderful enhancing social engagements, better relationships, fun at the end of the day or weekend or whatever food helps us together. Whatever the reason food brings us all together around the kitchen, dinner table, back yard or even for small intimate romantic dinners.

So if asked again what is my favorite food now that I have gone through this exercise. It is any food that brings people together where they enjoy the look, smell, taste and satisfaction of a nutritious food adventure all while enjoying spending time with other people be it 1 or 1,000,000.

Have an awesome Food Adventure with your family and friends this summer!!!!


Chef Jennifer
Eco-Conscious Organic Chef

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